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Raise (Straighten) back posture

Raise (Straighten) back posture
Raise (Straighten) back posture

Reference : R.D.P

Availability : Yes

Indications :
  • Cyphotiques Attitudes, rolling-up of shoulders.
  • Reducible dorsal Cyphoses
  • Axial Rheumatisms Cyphotiques (stiffening Pelvispondylarthrite)
  • Epiphysite of growth of the teenager (disease of Sheuermann)


Back Raise Posture helps you to find the suitable posture of the back by static abseiling;

It consists of:

  • A padded dorsal plate
  • Two juxtaposed metallic Rib Holders
  • Two crossed belts of abseiling
  • Two bands felted for an optimal comfort of armpits
  • A closure in the front by a system of Velcro


  • It is advised to consult a specialist for an adequate reeducation.


  • It is recommended to carry the raise Back Posture on one under cotton garment.

Size:   S. M. L. XL